Mi Electric Toothbrush keeps a watchful eye on kids brushing habits


The Mi Electric Toothbrush is an intelligent, easy-to-use toothbrush that monitors your brushing habits to protect your oral health so you can greet life with a beautiful smile! Due to its in-App monitoring, it’s also one of the best electric toothbrush options for kids.


Experience a more powerful clean with the Mi Electric Toothbrush thanks to its high-efficiency magnetic levitation sonic motor that vibrates over 31,000 times/minute! Even when the brush is up against your teeth, the brush head maintains its power for a deeper clean than a manual toothbrush alone.

Unlike other brush heads, the Mi Electric Toothbrush uses an anti-corrosion and metal-free brush head with high-quality DuPont bristles sourced from America. It’s also IPX7 water resistant so you don’t have to worry about anything getting damaged if you’re someone that likes to brush their teeth in the shower.


The Mi Electric Toothbrush has a 700mAh lithium battery that lasts 18 days from just one charge – perfect for trips away with the family! You can also charge it using the USB port to connect to your portable charger or laptop.


The charging dock allows the toothbrush to automatically move into its correct position no matter how you set it down – super helpful if you’re in a rush in the mornings. It can detect whether or not the Mi Electric Toothbrush is present and automatically enters low-power mode if a foreign metal object is detected.

The Mi Electric Toothbrush features a high-precision acceleration sensor that monitors 6 different zones. Track duration, coverage and uniformity statistics, and receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports on your kids’ brushing habits via the Mi Home App – this makes it perfect for checking if your kids really brush their teeth as often as they say they do!

You can also switch between three modes including standard, gentle, and customized mode to suit everyone in the family. The interchangeable coloured rings mean that you don’t have to worry about acci-dental-ly getting your toothbrush mixed up with someone else’s!

So whether you want to start taking better care of your oral health or find the ultimate way to monitor how well your kids brush their teeth, the intelligent Mi Electric Toothbrush has got you covered!