Affordable Smart Tech for Everyone & Their Home

Affordable Smart Technology for the home

Imagine a world where all of your devices and household items could connect to the internet. We’re talking everything from your camera, to your lights, to your vacuum, to your toothbrush. Not only would they connect to the internet, but they’d be able to communicate with you, and take demands from you without even being in reaching distance. Now realise, that this is already a reality. It’s the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s something you’ll find in the Xiaomi Ecosystem and its range of affordable smart tech for your home.

The Xiaomi Ecosystem has a growing range of high quality smart products designed to make your life easier and more convenient, at a price that's significantly cheaper than big brand competitors too! With Mi smart devices, you'll have control and convenience over a range of elements in your home such as lighting, appliances, and security; to other elements of your everyday life such as fitness and health tracking, and even brushing your teeth. These can all be controlled straight from our smartphone from within one app (the Mi Home app), or for more functions, you can also utilize the additional apps for specific product lines, such as the Mi Fit app and the Yeelight app. Better yet, if you have a smart assistant such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can even control these products with a simple voice command!

Mi in your home

No time to clean? No problem when you've got the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum!

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum - Smart Tech for the home

Vacuuming. If that word doesn’t spark a joy in you, keep reading. As a busy, working adult, adding a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is one of the best things you can do for yourself. By the time you get home from work, school, or just a busy day out, you want to spend those few hours unwinding or catching up on hobbies or your social life – not vacuuming. You’ve really got four options when it comes to this:

  1. Get out the vacuum and tirelessly vacuum your house.

  2. Don’t get out the vacuum and don’t vacuum the house.

  3. Pay a cleaner X amount of dollars a week to come into your home and do it for you.

  4. Invest that money into a robot vacuum that can vacuum your house every single day at a tap of a finger or voice command. You don’t even have to be at home while it vacuums! You'll come home to a clean house every day!

There’s one option that certainly sounds more appealing to us, but if you need a little more convincing, maybe you should get to know the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum a little better. The Mi Robot Vacuum is a highly intelligent device that will keep your home clean with minimal effort from you. It cleans in an edge to edge cleaning mode, as well as a zig zag clean mode to ensure it gets every inch of your floor. It uses 12 different sensors to map out the interior of your house, and has three dedicated processors to track its movements in real-time, calculate the location, and determine the best cleaning routes.

While it’s as easy as pressing go and letting the Robot Vacuum take care of things, if you want to take some control back, the Mi Home app makes it super easy. Once the Robot Vacuum has mapped your house, you can set a clean zone to keep the vacuum within a certain area for a specified time. Alternatively, you can also direct it to 'Go' to a certain spot on the map and begin cleaning from there.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum - Mi Home app

If you want absolute control of the vacuum, you can actually remotely control it with a button or joystick controller in the app. And if you just want to let it do its own thing but be a little less disrupting, you can adjust the suction level/noise level setting it anywhere from quiet mode to full speed mode (where you’ll get maximum suction). You can also set it to start vacuuming when you’re out of the home either by scheduling it or by telling it to start vacuuming via the app, and you'll come home to a freshly vacuumed floor without hearing any complaints! Investing in a Mi Robot Vacuum means saving valuable time in your life for other things, and/or saving money on a cleaner - you could say it's a no brainer...

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum - Mi Home app

Control your lights from your smartphone with products like the Yeelight Smart Light Bulb LED WiFi RGB

Want complete control over the lights in your home? Change the hue or brightness, set a timer, dim the lights, or get them to turn on or off with a simple voice command or tap of a finger on your smartphone. Having complete wireless authority over the lights in your home isn’t just about the convenience, but also about having control of your environment, so you can set the perfect tone and atmosphere for every event and occasion. With the Mi Home app, or the Yeelight App, your lights are at your command with a stroke of a finger.

Without a doubt one of the most popular lights in Yeelight’s line-up is the Yeelight Smart LED RGB Light Bulb. You can choose from over 16 million colours and temperatures from warm white (1700k) to daylight (6500k) to set the perfect lighting for any occasion. You can also select one of the preset modes to match your occasion quickly and easily. 

Yeelight RGB LED Smart Light Bulb - Yeelight App

The options for scenes you could set are endless, but to name a few, maybe you'd like to:

  • Set a romantic mood for date night. Set a warm, romantic glow in your dining room, kitchen, or bathroom for the classic soft lighting set up; or opt for a colour to set a mood – such as red, which can be used to invoke passion and excitement.

  • Set the stage for a movie night. Match the theme and genre of your movie, dim the lights, or schedule them to go out all together at a certain time.

  • Create the perfect ambience for a relaxing evening. Studies have shown that a natural light tone has a positive impact on your mood, perceptions, health, and attitude – so why not take control of these things?

  • Take your parties up a notch and sync the lights with music and watch them change with the rhythm. That’s definitely one hell of a way to spice up your party or take those holiday decorations to a new level.

Yeelight Smart RGB Bulb - Different Lighting

This light bulb isn’t all just be about the aesthetics though. It’s a great lighting investment with a lifespan of up to 28.5 years! And with the brightness of 800 lumens in just 10W, you’re saving up to 83% in energy usage without brightness or quality loss when compared to a 60W incandescent bulb. Lighting upgrade, and spending downgrade - sounds good to us!

If 16 million colours isn’t really your thing, there’s also a colourless version that still lets you change the temperature and control the lights from the app. Alternatively, you can opt for a bedside or desk lamp. The Mi Home Smart Bedside Lamp and the Mi Home Smart LED Desk Lamp are two other popular lighting products from the Mi ecosystem!

Keep an eye on your home with the Mi 360° Home Security Camera

We've covered Xiaomi products to keep things in check while you're at home, but wouldn't you love the extra peace of mind you could have by making sure your home is in check when you're out too? The Mi 360° Home Security Camera will have you covered at a totally affordable price point, and within minutes (because setting it up is just that easy)! You'll be able to see everything in the room, thanks to the dual motorhead that enables the camera to rotate and capture a full 360° horizontal view and 96° vertical view. This durable, affordable, and easy-to-setup home security camera can be used for a number of things, including:

  • Checking in on your pets when you're out and about

  • Making sure you don't have any unwanted visitors and/or have video and photo evidence of any

  • Using the 2-way talk feature to communicate with someone at home

  • Checking to see whether you've turned appliances and electronics off

Mi 360 Home Security Camera

The Mi Home Security camera has all the features you need without making you feel like you have to splurge. It records in 1080p with features including night vision, AI motion detection alert, talkback feature with 2-way audio, and a number of different storage options. From the Mi Home app, you can control the movements of the camera, set how often you want the camera to record and/or send notifications, take photos or videos, and more! Plus, set up is super quick and easy! Just power on the camera, pair it to the Mi home app, and it's good to go.

Mi 360 Home Security Camera - App

Mi for Me

Something really great about the Mi ecosystem giving you that extra bit of time and convenience in your everyday life, is that you end up with more time to truly focus on yourself. Do you have some health and fitness goals you want to hit? Xiaomi has your back with their range of health and fitness products that will help you keep track of things, and reach those goals. Aside from each product’s individual features, the great thing about Xiaomi’s fitness products is  that they’re high quality, affordable, and not only work with the Mi Home app, but also have a dedicated app called the Mi Fit app which will let you get the most out of these products. 

Use the Mi Band 3 to track your calls, steps, heart rate, exercise, and more!

Mi Band 3 - Fitness Tracker

Keeping track of your fitness is an important aspect of any health journey, and luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Xiaomi is all about offering affordable fitness-tracking tech to help you stay on top of your goals. The Mi Band 3 is an affordable, and durable basic fitness tracker that keeps track of a number of things from your texts, to your exercise, to your sleep quality.

The Mi Band 3 tracks activity in real-time so whether you’re running, biking, or walking, you can always check your heart-rate and speed on the go – just lift your wrist to view the data. Plus, because it is water-resistant up to 50 metres, you can even wear it while you’re swimming or surfing! And to help you keep on top of your activity, you can set goal reminders that you can work to achieve throughout the day.

Additionally, the Mi Band will also track your usual day-in day-out activities. Using Mi’s upgraded step count algorithm, you’ll get an accurate count of your daily steps, atop of monitored heart rate and sleep quality. Once you have this sort of data readily available to you at just a glance, you'll be surprised to see how quickly your attitude will change, as you begin to make more efforts to improve your step count, and sleep quality. Not only do you get fitness and health monitoring, but you might find that the visibility of it is the extra push you need to keep going further.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - Mi Fit App

When used in conjunction with the Mi Fit app, all of your data and statistics are automatically saved to the app so you can view your progress at any time, and see what areas you need to work on!

Track your progress with the Xiaomi Smart Body Composition Scale

Xiaomi Smart  Body Composition Scale

If you're putting in the hard yards in the gym and exercise department, and/or in the kitchen, the best way to keep an accurate measurement of your progress is by tracking all of your body metrics - that's where the Mi Body Composition Scale steps in. We all know that there are more important factors to consider than just your body weight when it comes to weight loss or weight gain - so many different things contribute to your body weight, and some things are better than others.

That’s where a body composition scale like this one comes in handy. This smart scale measures not just body weight, but also muscle mass, BMI, body fat, water content, basal metabolism, visceral fat, and bone mass, and saves these stats straight to the Mi Fit app (once you’ve connected it). It uses bio-impedance analysis to estimate your body metrics – which essentially involves sending a small electrical signal through your feet, and using the feedback to estimate your body composition. (Note: Be sure to calibrate the scale before use a couple of times to ensure an accurate reading). 

While the display is only set up to display your weight, connecting to the Mi Fit app will let you see the rest of your composition data, which is then automatically saved here each time you weigh yourself! The next time you weigh in, do it with the Mi Body Composition scale, and see just how much of that weight gain/loss is fat, water, and muscle and get an accurate depiction of your progress.

Mi Smart Body Composition Scale - Mi Fit App

Note the the Mi Fit app is also used by the Mi Band 3, so if you have one of those too, then data from both devices is available to you within the same app. It’s your central fitness hub so you can stay on top of all aspects of your fitness and health on a single space.

Your No. 1 Companion for the Mi Ecosystem

For many years, Xiaomi was best known for their great value smartphones. In recent years, as Xiaomi has increased focus on introducing more AI capabilities to Mi smart home tech, they have also put in efforts to design the Mi smart home apps to work optimally with Xiaomi smartphones. The Mi Home ecosystem and apps were designed first and foremost with Xiaomi phones in mind, so if you’re looking for optimal performance, functionality, and design – pairing your Xiaomi smart home tech with a Mi smart phone is the way to go.

A popular phone in Mi’s current line-up is the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. Considering the superb value this phone offers, it’s no surprise that it's so popular. It has a sleek high-quality appearance; solid cameras; powerful Snapdragon 660 CPU; and works wonders with the Mi Home and Mi Fit app! With Xiaomi smartphones, you can rest assured that you’re always getting quality at a bang for your buck, and you’ll experience the best functionality with the Mi smart home tech.

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Xiaomi Mi Smartphones - Affordable & Quality

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We've only just skimmed the surface of what great products you'll find at the Mi store. There are a number of great smart products you can add to your home when shopping with us. Not only that, but the Mi ecosystem of smart products is continually growing and expanding, so it's only a matter of time before Xiaomi will bring together your entire home via the Internet of Things.

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