Mothers' Day Gift Ideas at Mi

Mothers’ Day is just around the corner (Sunday 12th May) and we’ve put together some thoughtful gift ideas at Mi Store so you can make her day special!

An electric toothbrush probably isn’t something your mum would splurge on for herself but this is no ordinary electric toothbrush – the Mi Electric Toothbrush is an intelligent toothbrush that uses in-app monitoring to track exactly how well you’re brushing your teeth. It features three different brushing modes to suit everyone in the family; standard, gentle and customized.

Connect to the Mi Home App to track the duration, coverage and uniformity statistics, as well as receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports on your family’s brushing habits – warning: this makes it super easy for mum to check if you’ve actually brushed your teeth! On the plus side, this is a gift that she’ll use every day, twice a day even!

Mums are the busiest people in the world so make sure your mum stays on top of her health and fitness goals with Xiaomi’s affordable fitness tracker. The Mi Band 3 features an upgraded and improved step count algorithm, a heart rate monitor that can read changes over a 24-hour period, and a sleep monitor that provides data on deep sleep and light sleep so she can sleep a little more and a little better, every day. When mum’s too busy and loses track of time, the Mi Band 3 will gently vibrate, reminding her to get up and take a breather.

Not only can the Mi Band 3 track your health and fitness, but it also makes mum’s life easier by displaying incoming calls, and notifications from WeChat, QQ, WhatsApp, and Facebook by simply raising your wrist. Connect to the Mi Home App to set daily goals, check up on your progress, view data, and so much more.

The Mi Home Antibacterial Hand & Bath Towels are just one of those things that you would never buy for yourself but you’d really appreciate if it was gifted to you. These special towels use Swedish Polygiene to effectively inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria, and mites. It’s environmentally friendly with no additives or chemical softeners, and with 1.6s powerful absorption, it does its job better than a regular towel. Give your mum peace of mind knowing that she’s using a fancy, high-tech towel, every time.

Brighten up mum’s day with the Yeelight Smart LED Desk Lamp specially designed to reduce harmful effects on the eyes. Use the Mi Home app to switch between 4 different lighting modes including focus mode, read mode, computer mode, and child mode or simply use the knob to adjust the brightness and colour temperature. If your mum spends a lot of time working or reading at her desk, this is the perfect gift to say “Eye care about you” :)

We’ve also included the Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight! Motion sensors provide light only when you need it and are a clever way to save on electricity bills. The Yeelight Motion Sensor Nightlight automatically lights up for 20 seconds upon your every movement in the dark and has an incredible battery life of up to 120 days. It’s perfect for installing in the hallway or by the stairs so your mum doesn’t have to rummage for the light switch in the dark.

For tech-savvy mums, the Redmi Note 7 features a stunning 6.3” Dot Drop FSD with sunlight display, night display and reading mode so you won’t have to worry about poor mum squinting to read her messages. The Redmi Note 7 has an ultra-large battery (4000mAh) which means ultra-long endurance and super quick charging too! Our Special Global Edition offers Band 28 for full NZ mobile network coverage so she can always stay in touch with her loved ones.

Now let’s have a look at the incredible 48MP camera – it automatically captures multiple images and combines them into a single, high-quality photo. Just let the photos do the talking:

It’s a flagship-level experience without the price tag. If your mum loves taking photos or simply needs an upgrade, this smartphone should cover all the bases.