August: New Month, New Mi!

This month, we've got some really exciting new arrivals that we've all been eagerly waiting for including the Mi 9T and two new robot vacuum cleaners! Keep reading to learn more about the latest Mi products at Mi Store.

Philips Smart Wi-Fi Bulb - E27 - White

First off, we have the Philips Smart Wi-Fi Bulb in White for $29. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to step up your smart home game, a smart light bulb is the best way to go! They're energy-efficient, long-lasting and open up major possibilities to automate your home. All you have to do is screw it in and connect it to the Mi Home app. Its standard E27 screw base enables you to fit the bulb into wherever you need whether it's in the ceiling, a desk lamp or a floor lamp. 

The Philips Smart Wi-Fi Bulb produces a soft light with a 2700K colour temperature that adds a nice warm glow to your home. It's also dimmable from 80 - 800 lumens so you can set the right lighting for every situation. Enjoy the convenience of turning your lights on or off without having to get off the couch or set a schedule for them to automatically turn off when you leave your home for work at 8 am. It's also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can control it with your voice, i.e. even less movement! ;) Just say "Alexa, turn light on/off" or "Hey Google, dim/brighten the light".

What's the difference is between the Philips bulb and the Yeelight bulb?

The Yeelight Smart LED Wi-Fi Light Bulb allows you to adjust the colour temperature from 2700K - 6500K and has an output of 10W whereas the Philips bulb is set at 2700K with an output of 6.5W. Hence the Philips Smart Wi-Fi Bulb is slightly cheaper at $28.99 compared to Yeelight's $34.99.

Yeelight Smart Lightstrip Plus - 2 Meters

The Yeelight Aurora Light Strip Plus is another new addition to Mi Store's Smart Lighting range. Whether you want to illuminate your stairs, the corners of your room, your gaming setup, or the back of your TV, these awesome light strips are flexible enough to be moulded to any object and are extendable up to 10 meters! You can easily bend and attach the adhesive tape on the back of the strip to any surface to illuminate your space. The adhesive of the Yeelight Aurora Light Strip Plus is mercury-free PU adhesive, which is anti-ageing, resistant to bending and environmentally-friendly.

Enjoy over 16 million different colours to suit your mood and adjust the colour temperature or brightness from the convenience of your smartphone or your voice via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (also compatible with IFTTT). You can also set schedules, sleep timers and countdowns, and even control multiple strips or other Yeelight products altogether. Schedule the light strip to turn on at 7 am and it will gradually get brighter as it gets closer to your actual wake up time. If you like to read before going to sleep, simply set a sleep timer to turn the light strip off in an hour.

Sync the lights to the Yeelight app or Mi Home app to access pre-customized lighting scenes for your convenience, e.g. birthday party, movie night, or romantic dinner. Sync the lights to your favourite music to watch them 'dance' to the songs or sync them with your favourite game for a more immersive experience!

Yeelight Smart Lightstrip Plus - 1 Meter Extension

If you find that the 2m light strip isn't long enough, we've also got the 1m light strip extension. If you're stuck on ideas on what to put the light strips on, here are some to get you started:

  • Backlight for your TV or monitor
  • Gaming desk
  • Staircase
  • Underneath your couch or bed
  • Ceiling and corners of your room

The possibilities are endless!

Mi 9T

I'm sure you have all already heard that the incredible Mi 9T is now available at Mi Store! It's Dual SIM and, like all of our products, it's the NFC version and supports all NZ mobile networks. The Mi 9T features a stunning 6.39" Full HD+ AMOLED Full-Screen Display with HDR and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor. If you're a big mobile gamer, Mi's updated Game Turbo mode gives a massive boost to game sensitivity and responsiveness, as well as other customisable configurations like visual enhancement.

One of my, and many other Mi fans', favourite things about the Mi 9T are the cameras. Its AI triple camera includes a Sony 48MP ultra-high-resolution wide camera + 8MP telephoto camera + 13MP ultra-wide-angle camera. Seamlessly zoom in from 0.6x to 10x without losing all the important details or take 124.8° wide-angle shots with AI correction to prevent distortion of scenes and faces. Its 20MP pop-up selfie camera is super fun and you can now take panorama selfies! Having a camera that sticks out can be scary, especially if you're like me and drop your phone 5 times a day, but Xiaomi has incorporated emergency drop detection and protection, as well as downward pressure detection which quickly retracts the camera back into safety. If you're looking with a smartphone with an impressive camera, the Mi 9T will definitely help take your smartphone photography game to the next level!

The Mi 9T also features a huge 4,000mAh battery and 18W fast charger so you can do more of what you love without worrying about saving your battery. It's also packed with loads of other awesome features such as the new fingerprint recognition technology, making unlocking faster, smarter, and more secure.

Enjoy a spacious 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM for all your photos, videos, games and more! It comes in Flame Red and Glacier Blue and you can get yours for an affordable price of just $598.99 at Mi Store!

Roborock S6 Smart Vacuum Cleaner

All your requests for the new smart vacuum cleaners have been heard! Out of the three smart vacuum cleaners that we now stock at Mi Store, the Roborock S6 is definitely on the pricier side at $1099. Let's have a look at what we can expect from this smart vacuum cleaner.

The S6 is an iF Design Award-winning smart vacuum cleaner that features 14 sensors, an incredible 2,000pa suction power, and a large 5,200mAh Li-Ion battery - that's 150 minutes of cleaning time or 250 square meters. When it gets below 20% of battery, the robot it completely unattended and let it do its thing!

It features three powerful processors that let you track the robot's movements in real-time via the Mi Home app. It's also equipped with an LDS laser and SLAM algorithm, resulting in faster, smoother and more accurate navigation. Before the robot starts the cleaning process, it creates a map of the area and calculates the most efficient way of cleaning, and knows not to clean the same route twice. It's also capable of recognizing different rooms, which means you can assign or schedule the robot to clean the kitchen at 8 pm after dinner or clean the living room at 9 am so you can come home from work to a clean house. You can even set no-go zones via the Mi Home app so you can protect fragile items like vases, photo frames, etc.

If you're worried about having carpet floors, the S6 effortlessly manoeuvres over edges that are up to 2cm high. Thanks to its built-in sensors, it can detect when it's on the carpet and automatically increases its suction power. It's also equipped with a 140ml water tank and is capable of mopping and sweeping simultaneously! Despite its powerful motor, the S6 remains quiet at just 58db.

So what's the difference between the S6 and the original Mi Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

First off, the S6 weighs 3.60kg compared to the Robot Vacuum Cleaner's 6.52kg. Although you won't find much need to actually carry the device, it will make it easier for the times you do need to move it manually. It also has a stronger suction power of 2,000pa over the Robot Vacuum Cleaner's 1,800pa making it more ideal for homes with carpet floors. It also makes it the best robot vacuum for picking up after your pets or kids! The S6's dust box capacity is slightly larger at 480ml compared to 420ml so you don't have to change it as often. Lastly, the S6 has 14 sensors whereas the Robot Vacuum Cleaner has 12 sensors. That means better mapping algorithms and more efficient cleaning, making it a better option if you have a multi-storey home or a house with a complex design.

Roborock E35 Smart Vacuum Cleaner

If you're on a tighter budget, the Roborock E35 retails at $499 at Mi Store. The E35 has very similar features compared to the S6 including its ability to simultaneously sweep and mop, its powerful 2,000mAh suction power, and long-lasting 5,200mAh Li-Ion battery. But instead of listing the similarities, let's compare and find out which one is more suitable for your home.

The E35 is equipped with a notably larger 640ml dust box which is large enough to last about a week if scheduled to run daily. It features 13 sensors and a highly efficient E11 washable air filter that eliminates over 99% of the dust around your home. Unlike the S6, the E35 is unable to detect what type of floor it's on. This might be worth considering if you have a combination of carpet and hard flooring in your home. To set up no-go zones for the E35, the manual recommends using magnetic tape to create a virtual barrier to protect any fragile household items.

Robot vacuum cleaners are excellent for people who can't fit a cleaning routine into their busy schedules. The Roborock S6 is almost double the price but you get more out of it such as more sensors and better navigation, room identification, floor type detection and customisable no-go zones. The E35 is ideal if you have a smaller home and want to stick to a budget without compromising cleaning.


That's all for August! We hope you love the new arrivals as much as we do and can't wait to hear your thoughts on them!