Mi Band 4 & more wins at iF Design Awards 2020!

The winning entries for the German iF Design Awards 2020 were recently announced, and we’re stoked to announce that several Xiaomi products were winners in their categories! A number of smartphones were among the winning products, including models such as the Xiaomi Mix 3, Mi 9, Redmi K20 Pro, and more. Xiaomi’s sub-brand MIJIA had a staggering 19 wins. Amongst those include the Mi Band 4, Xiaomi Water Purifier, and Mi Rice Cooker! Check out what the iF Design Awards has to say about some of the winning products below!

Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4 wins iF Design Award 2020

"Mi Band 4 is a fitness, sleep, and heart rate tracker. Extremely affordable yet with rich features and high quality, its slim form factor, light weight (22.1g), soft material, and 50-meter water-resistance allow the user to comfortably wear it 24/7. A full-color AMOLED touch display is added to Mi Band 4 without changing the design language and the iconic pill shape outline of its predecessor. The display offers rich information as well as a wide selection of watch faces." — iF Design Awards 2020

A top-seller at Mi-Store, it's no surprise that the Mi Band 4 was one of the winners at the iF Design Awards 2020. This simple yet sleek fitness band sports a full-colour AMOLED touch display that's 39.9% larger and brighter than it's predecessor. The colourful and vivid screen responds to touch with ease as you swipe up and down between different features and settings. You don't have to break the bank to get a fitness tracker that has waterproofing, a heart rate monitor, workout tracking, text and call notifications, sleep tracking, and an impressive battery life of up to three full weeks! Oh, and let's not forget the great design too!

Redmi K20 Pro Smartphone

Redmi K20 Pro (Mi 9T Pro) wins iF Design Award 2020

"Redmi K20 Pro (aka Mi 9T Pro) from Xiaomi features Full-Screen Display with a new fingerprint recognition technology. The display length is 6.39 inches with standard rectangle measurements. It has a pop-up selfie camera perfectly concealed in the body and a Full-Screen Display with a 91.9% screen-to-body ratio. The front camera pops up easily and quickly (in just 0.8 seconds) when needed. The back of the Redmi K20 Pro is graceful and contemplative until the light hits it and its bold flames flicker to life. It's almost as if it has moods of its own, made all the more profound by the classic black carbon fiber design." — iF Design Awards 2020

The Redmi K20 Pro (aka the Mi 9T Pro) is a premium mid-range smartphone that offers incredible bang for your buck! This phone sports a Snapdragon™ 855 processor to give you the speed you need for everything from watching videos to gaming — CPU single-core performance is improved by 45%, game speed is accelerated by 25% and AI performance is tripled. Plus, if you're heavy on the gaming, you'll be pleased to know this phone has continuous cooling, with 8 layers of graphite on the front to dissipate heat 650% more effectively.

Besides great performance, Mi 9T Pro also features a large 4000mAh capacity battery and supports QC4+ fast charging at 27W. That means you can charge 58% of the battery in just 30 minutes. And the camera? With a Sony 48MP ultra-high-resolution wide camera + 8MP telephoto camera + 13MP ultra wide-angle camera, you can take any shot with ease. Seamlessly zoom in from 0.6× to 10× and discover your true photography potential.

Mi 9 Smartphone

Mi 9 Smartphone wins iF Design Award 2020

"The Mi 9 combines a beautiful appearance, extremely comfortable feel and very strong performance. The greatest design challenge was to achieve a balance between hardware performance and beauty. The back cover has a lightweight curved design with no flat surface to be found. We can see an "s"-shaped reflection on the cover of the battery at some angles, which is the result not of texture and color, but of a play of light and shadow on the surface. The holographic color scheme causes the Mi 9 to shimmer depending on lighting conditions and the angle at which it is held." — iF Design Awards 2020

The Mi 9 is another Xiaomi smartphone that won in the iF Design Awards! The Mi 9 is equipped with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 processor with 7nm process technology, so you can expect 45% improved CPU performance, 300% AI performance, and 20% faster gaming experience when compared to its predecessor.

If a high-quality camera is important to you when choosing a smartphone, you'll appreciate the Sony 48MP image sensor on the Mi 9! Even when zoomed in, there is enough detail to create a quality photo. With the large 1.6µm 4-in-1 Super Pixel and 1/2" CMOS image sensor, photos are lively with color. In fact, Mi 9's camera takes photos with more details than a 4K television.

Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger

Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger wins iF Design Award 2020

"This is the world’s first 20w wireless charger for charging phones in a car. It recorded the first time wireless charging speed surpassed that of cable fast-charging when the product was launched in 2019 February. This product automatically detects and holds your phone thanks to a motor-driven mechanism. It also has a lighting ring to indicate the charging area." — iF Design Awards 2020

The Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger is a fantastic fast charger that is widely compatible with a variety of phone models! Once your phone is placed on it, it will lock and charge automatically. It's great for short-distance driving because you can be sure you're phone will get charged up in no time! The Xiaomi 9 can go from 0% to 45% in just 30 minutes! This phone charger also works great as a phone-stand for hands-free use of your GPS.

Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2

Mi Night Light 2 wins iF Design Award 2020

"The Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 has an innovative magnetic structure that allows the lamp body to be placed freely on its base, leaving the user free to experiment with different ways of achieving stereo light. Dual sensors (human body and photosensitive sensors) are built-in with a wide range of 120 degrees and accurate judgment in dark light. It supports dual brightness adjustment with super-low power consumption. Rarely needing to be charged, these are lights that will follow every step you take." — iF Design Awards 2020

Light up every step that you take in the middle of the night with the Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2. This is a night light that not only the kids will appreciate, but so will all of the adults! Stop stumbling around the hallway in the dark as the Night Light 2 lights up in dimly-lit spaces when human motion is detected. The light also switches off automatically in 15 seconds when you're not in the vicinity, so it's power saving too!

This night light has adjustable dual brightness modes, allowing you to choose from 2 brightness modes as per your need for the hour. It's the perfect fit in the bedroom, closet, stairway, and hallway. With these little guardians around your home, you'll never have to wonder where the light switch is.

Mi App

Mi Home App wins iF Design Award 2020

The last product we're going to shoutout is actually the Mi app which can be used to control all of your Xiaomi smart devices!

"The Mija platform is a universal solution for smart life connectivity, offering its users convenient control and a smooth user experience to connect smart devices from Xiaomi and companies using a variety of protocols. A convenient manual interface and voice control allows users to personalize smart scenes and share smart devices with family and friends with just one simple click." — iF Design Awards 2020

These are just some of the many winning Mi products at the iF Design Awards 2020. Xiaomi is committed to continuous innovation, with an unwavering focus on quality and efficiency, so watch this space as we continue to bring out more innovative and cutting-edge products at a price point that's affordable to everyone. Click here to check out more of what Mi current has to offer.