Mother's Day Gift Ideas at Mi Store!

Mothers Day Gift Ideas at Mi Store

Mother's Day is fast approaching (Sunday 10th May), and if you haven't shopped for a gift yet, don't stress — there are plenty of great gifts that you can get for your mum from the Mi Store. We've put together a list of some thoughtful gift ideas that we think she will love this Mother's Day.

Please note that due to the increased volume of deliveries NZ Post is experiencing, there might be a slight delay in the arrival of shipments. We recommend ordering as soon as possible to receive your gifts by Mother's Day. Otherwise, tell mum you love her and these gifts will be as good as ever once they arrive!

Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Mi Fit Band 4

Take care of mum's health with the Mi Fitness Smart Band 4 — one of the best-value fitness trackers on the market. The Mi Band 4 features upgraded and improved step count algorithm, a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and health and fitness tracking.

Not only can the Mi Band 4 track health and fitness, but it also makes mum's life easier by displaying incoming calls, and notifications from WeChat, WhatsApp, and Facebook simply by raising the wrist. When connected to the Mi Home app, she'll be able to set daily goals, check on her progress, view health data, and so much more!

Because of it's minimal and simple design, the Mi Band 4 will fit with any look or outfit, and if mum wants to change up the colour down the line, we've even got standalone bands that can be purchased at an affordable price!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas at Mi Store - Roborock Vacuum E35 Smart Robot

Mums are the busiest people in the world and anything you can give to make her life easier, and/or give her a little more time to herself and to relax is a winner! In fact, it seems to be a winner for everyone all around and it's the reason our Robot Vacuums are so popular. 

The Roborock Vacuum Cleaner E35 Smart Robot is one of our many smart home products that just make life so much easier! With one of these, you can vacuum the entire house with the push of a button, while you sit back and enjoy a nice book, or Netflix, or whatever you choose to do with this extra time. In fact, you don't even have to push a button if you schedule the vacuum through the Mi Home app. That means you can even get the vacuuming done while you're asleep or when you're not even at home! When the room is completely cleaned up, the robot will automatically return itself back to the dock and begin charging, ready for the next vacuum. So what else can be expected of this vacuum?

• Efficient and intelligent cleaning for one. This E35 uses a dual-gyro system together with motion tracking sensors to carry out logical and efficient cleaning in every room. 
• You'll get a thorough clean with 2000Pa of intense suction that easily pulls dirt off of hard-wood floors, and drags it from deep inside carpet fibers.
• The E35 vacuum and mops simultaneously for sparky clean floors (except for when on carpet of course). The mop sucks in water evenly as it cleans, so it cleans without leaving behind puddles.
• And more! Click here to read more about what you can expect. The most thing to remember is, expect clean floors with very little effort required!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas at Mi Store - Yeelight Smart Light Bulb

Brighten up mum’s day with a Yeelight Smart Light Bulb. While any of our smart lighting products are bound to go down well, the reason we've selected the Yeelight Smart Light Bulb for this particular list is it can fit into the home just about anywhere! These can be fitted into your ceiling or into any existing lamps  (Note: it has an E26/27 screw base), and then you get all the awesome smart features which is what makes this light bulb special. If mum enjoys some colour, check out the Yeelight RGB Smart Light Bulb where there are over 16 million colours to choose from, as well as the option to adjust colour temperature and brightness.

The Yeelight Smart Light Bulb allows you to adjust colour temperature from 2,700k (warm white) to 6,500K (daylight), and brightness, to meet your own needs for waking up, reading, sleeping, etc. The lights can be controlled from the Yeelight App with a swipe of a finger, and if you have a smart assistant, you can even use voice commands.

This light bulb has a 25,000 hour long lifespan providing approximately 11-years+ of run time. It also has 10W low consumption so you'll be saving mum electricity too!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Redmi Note 9S

If your mum is in need of a new phone so you can keep in touch, check out the new Redmi Note 9S. This smartphone focuses on delivering the most bang for your buck, bringing great performance and good imagine, to a price point that is affordable.

The Redmi Note 9S features a stunning 6.67" FHD+ Display with a 91% screen-to-body ratio so you can be sure mum will be getting the ultimate immersive experience while watching videos! It also has a whopping 5020mAh ultra-high capacity battery and 18W fast charge meaning she'll stay connected for hours on end without having to worry about power. We all know mums love a good selfie or family photo, so she'll appreciate the 48MP AI Quad Camera too. 

It’s a flagship-level experience without the price tag. If your mum loves taking photos or simply needs an upgrade, this smartphone should cover all the bases.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas at Mi Store - Mi Home 360-degree Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera

Help give mum some extra peace of mind around the home with the Mi Home 360° Smart Security Camera. This camera is easy to use, easy to install, and has 360° vision to offer full home protection.

This smart camera has a dual motor head that enables the camera to rotate and capture a full 360° horizontal view and 96° vertical view. Using the Mi Home app, you'll be able to see what the camera is capturing, and also adjust the angle and view of the camera. The quiet motor on this camera means you'll be able to do it while remaining smooth and silent, and it has a shockproof design meaning you don't have to worry about it being damaged if dropped or knocked over.

Through the integration of deep learning technology and focused optimization of the algorithms and network software, the camera is able to accurately determine when to alert you and notify you on your phone. With 2-Way Audio talk back, you can talk through the camera from wherever you are. Videos are stored using either a microSD or network-attached-storage (NAS) devices. To see what other features you can expect from the smart home security camera, or learn just how easy it is to set up, check it out here

So those are some of our top picks for what we think will make great Mother's Day gifts this year! Of course there are plenty of other products on our website which make excellent gifts too, so click here if you'd like to check out our full range of products. We hope all the mum's out there have a special weekend! Stay Safe New Zealand!