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Smart Scale Body Composition

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Available In-store & Online
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Mi Smart Scale 2 - Simple Slim & Accurate

- Hidden LED display 
- 10 precision data detection 
- Rs 5200

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"A common question"

Jimmy and I have the same height and weight, why does he look much leaner than me ?

Body fat rate is the standard to determine you are fat or thin. As we all know same weight muscles have 3 times less volume than same weight fat, So two people of same weight can look totally different, Body fat is the real standard to check if you are obese or not



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How can i know if my body fat is in good standing

Usually BMI physical index is used to measure the body fat, but this calculation cannot identify accurate body fat.


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Mi Smart Scale 2 - Can detect 10 types of body data and many more features

- Minimal appearance
- Slim design
- 10 physical data
- Hidden LED screen
- 304L stainless steel electrode
- Supports upto 16 user profiles
- Mi Fit app
- Silicone accessories

There are lot of other scales in market, but none can match features and appearance of Mi Sacle 2

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Useable in different environments

Its easy to use with elegant pure white design, providing a simple weight text experience, whether its full of strength, body is still warm or in comfortable home environments.
Mi Body Scale can fit and adaptive into living habitat with high value of body fat measure in this smart and small scale.

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So slim, but still safe and stable

30% more slimmer than previous model, but have strong overall strength


Hidden LED display, rounded corners

Sleek and stunning design can bring more comfortable and safe experience

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Hidden LED display

To ensure an adaptive design and simple look, Low transmittance LED display slotted in the surface of Mi Body Fat scale
Standing on Body Fat Scale shows the clear numerical Display

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Safe rounded corners

Designed to be dominated by security. MI body fat scale with round corners and feet pad designed to increase the safety of the machine. Corner of large angle design is not only beautiful but also enhance the safety of household, edges and smooth, to prevent the risk of a cut hand and bruises.

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ABS material build, comprehensive and durable

Mi body fat scale comprises of ABS material, hard rather than crisp, balanced and durable, good impact resistance, suitable for all kinds of household items
Anti-slip texture on the surface helps to make stable contact surface to foot skin, improving friction when weighing, avoid the risk of slipping.

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Slim | sleek | sturdy

Designed and engineered to stand out with sophistication.


A test to understand 10 physical data get fully aware of your physical condition

Mi scale using the BIA bioelectrical impedance technology. The basic principle is that the body is divided into conductive body fluids, muscles, and non-conductive adipose tissue, when the user steps barefooted on the body scale after the four metal electrodes, the internal BIA module will measure the user from the left to the right foot for resistance, with the formula to calculate the results of human Body fat.

- Size
- Analyze weight
- Muscle mass
- Basal metabolism
- Bone mass
- Moisture
- Visceral fat
- Body score
- Body fat


More accurate stainless steel metal electrode

Mi body scale uses 304L stainless steel metal electrodes, compared to the other types of bio-coated electrode pads or aluminum electrode pads, measurements are more accurate, better antioxidant capacity. 4 eye-catching round metal electrode, for the accurate measurement, when the user steps barefooted on the electrode it can accurately measure the body fat and other parameters.

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Mi Fit app, with auto data sync

Mi scale is very convenient to operate. Mi Fit APP once popped up next on the weighing reading then after that body fat related data will be automatically synced to view test records at any time. When multiple people use body fat scale, it can intelligently identify the different weighing readings and records separately, scale supports up to 16 people in data measurement.

- Data Upload
- Supports upto 16 users
- Automatic Identification

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* This product is not recommended for pacemakers and other transplant medical devices. Professional athletes and those who are in pregnancy or other special circumstances

* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.



Please Download MI Fit App from Apple Store for iOS devices or Android Market for Android Devices

Not recommended as safe for pregnant women


Product size
300 * 300 * 20 mm

Product weight
1.6 kg

Product name
Mi Smart Scale 2

Weight range
5 kg - 150 kg

catties, kilograms, pounds (switchable)

Reading precision
50 g


Bluetooth 4.0

Operating temperature
0°C - 40°C

Power input
4 x AAA batteries

Device requirements
Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and above
Requires Bluetooth 4.0


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