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Segway Ninebot Go Karting

Sold out In-store, Available online
Max Speed:
18 km/h
Max Distance:
30 km
Charging Time:
Approx. 4.0 hours
Approx. 15 degrees
Not Specified
Max Load:
100 kg
Tyre Type:
Not Specified
$2,499.00  inc GST
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Sold out In-store, Available online
$2,499.00  inc GST


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 HEASGW0004 * 1 :Segway Ninebot MiniPro N3M320 Electric Scooter Black Self-Balancing , hands-free,two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, With a top-speed of approximately 18 km/h , up to 30 km Range,

HEASGW0001 * 1 :Segway Ninebot Gokart Kit Turn your miniPRO into a fully-functional go-kart, capable of speeds up to 15 MPH

Segway Ninebot MiniPro Electric Scooter

The Hands-Free, Self-Balancing - Personal Transporter

The miniPRO is not a hoverboard-it's the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. Powered by Ninebot technology, the miniPRO is a hands-free,two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds, and longer battery life. The miniPRO is built to easily traverse a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains.

Some transporters, including hoverboards, have earned a reputation as fire hazards. The miniPRO is the first transporter to be rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest standards of electrical and fire safety requirements set by Underwriter Laboratories (UL).

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Easy Ride-Learning Experience!

You don't need hours of practice to ride the miniPRO like an expert. Segway and Ninebot used decades of collective knowledge in the business to simplify the miniPRO ride experience. Precision sensors capture every little body motion to keep you in balance, and the innovative knee control bar allows you to maneuver more easily and more precisely than two-wheel hoverboards. It's as easy as walking up the stairs-and it's all hands-free!

Phone App Control & Anti-theft

The Ninebot app is your best friend with the miniPRO. Once you have completed the short riding tutorial, the app gives you access to most of the scooter's custom features. Adjust light colors, modify safety features, upgrade firmware, run vehicle diagnostics, and even remotely command your miniPRO to move. Most importantly, the app allows you to lock the miniPRO with an Anti-theft alarm that triggers a phone alert if someone tries to move your scooter!


Road Adaptive to Overcome Obstacles

Humps, slopes, and other road obstacles can cause problems for some electric scooters, or stop them completely. The miniPRO's 10.5" vacuum tires and high-performance dual motor have been engineered to handle road obstacles with ease. The miniPRO scooter adjusts its power to handle road conditions without sacrificing safety and stability. The engine can easily traverse 15° slopes, and its 3.5-inch chassis turns bumps and vibrations into a smooth ride.


Lightweight & Transport-Ready

Portability and durability were essential in the miniPRO's design. The main frame of the electric scooter is built from aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, and titanium alloy-the same super-tough, light metals used to build space shuttles and aircraft. At a mere 28 lbs., the miniPRO is lightweight and compact. The knee control bar can be quickly detached for storage and transportation without taking up much room.


Custom Fit for Maximum Comfort

Smart design and ergonomics go into every aspect of the miniPRO scooter. The knee control pad maximizes comfort and flexibility for smooth turning and maneuvering. The adjustable height feature allows the miniPRO to meet the requirements of almost any rider. PU foam ensures that you won't lose comfort from fatigue and long rides on your scooter.


Aircraft Grade Magnesium Alloy Frame

Precision processing is required to make a compact and lightweight vehicle solid and durable. The super-light and strong magnesium alloy frame is based on aviation standards. Magnesium alloy is flexible and provides better shock absorption performance - higher than aluminum alloy. The surface is coated with a special corrosion-resistant material that has passed the salt spray test. Compact and strong, the miniPRO is your ideal companion for the road ahead.


Segway Ninebot Gokart Kit


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Adjustable frame length and steering wheel height

The applicable height is from 130cm to 190cm and the max payload can upto 100 kg


With an adjustable frame length and a maximum payload of 100kg, Parents and kids alike will be able to enjoy the experience.


Excellent Safety Performance

Double Collision Protection


The Electronic Brake + Mechanical Brake


Dual Redundancy Communication Security


Non-inflatable Hollow Tire


Three Driving Modes And Bring More Fun And Challenge


Most Cars'Trunk Are Available

*The back seats of some cars need to be put down


App Enable

Using the Segway App you can access the New Rider Tutorial, control lighting, speed settings, update firmware and more.



Dimensions (unit)

Length x Width

10.3 x 21.5 in

Mainframe Height

20-34 in (adjustable height)



28 lbs


37 lbs


85 - 220 lbs

Rider Requirements

Applicable Age

16 - 60 years

Applicable Height

3'11" - 6'6"

Machine Parameters

Max Speed

18 km/h

Typical Range

30 km

Max. Climbing Angle


Beginner Mode

Can be disabled or enabled via App after 0.6 miles (1km) of riding

Applicable Terrain

Pavement, packed dirt, slopes < 15°, obstacles < 0.4 in

Operating Temp

14 - 104° F

Storage Temp

-4 - 113° F

IP Rating



Nominal Voltage

54.3 VDC

Max. Charging Voltage

59.6 VDC

Nominal Capacity

310 Wh

Smart BMS

Overvoltage / Undervoltage / Short Circuit / Overheating Protection, Auto-Sleep / Wake-up / Detailed battery information can be checked with App


Nominal Input Voltage

100 - 240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz

Nominal Output Voltage

59.6 VDC

Nominal Output Current

1.9 A

Charge Time

4 Hours

HEASGW0001 * 1 :Segway Ninebot Gokart Kit Turn your miniPRO into a fully-functional go-kart, capable of speeds up to 15 MPH,


~61 lbs (28 kg)


After extension (Max): 54 in × 32 in × 24 in (14 cm × 82 cm × 60 cm)

Max Speed

15 mph (24 km/h)


*Depends on riding style and terrain
9 miles (15 km)


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