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Mi Home 1S LED Desk Lamp Smart Lighting

Available In-store & Online
Colour Temperature:
9 W
LED Warranty:
1 Year
Length (Tube):
Beam Angle:
$89.00  inc GST
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Available In-store & Online
$89.00  inc GST


Xiaomi Mi Home 1S LED Desk Lamp Smart Lighting 520 lumens. Flicker-free, Intuitive Brightness & Coluor Temperature Adjustment, 4 Lighting Modes, Durable, Minimalist Design

Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S

The premium light quality reveals a more vivid world of colour


Another step closer to perfect natural light

Improved lighting with the same classic design as the first-generation lamp


Provides even illumination over a wide area

At up to 520 lm, the light flux of the Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S is 73% higher than the first-generation lamp, considering the same lamp dimensions. Central illuminance increased to 1250 lux, 66% higher than the first-generation lamp

Ultra-high Ra 90 colour rendering index exceeds previous generation

High-quality light can bring more vivid colour to your world. The color rendering index of the Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S is as high as Ra 90, which is higher than the first-generation lamp and meets the standard used in medical settings.


Equipped with a Fresnel lens for more even and natural light

The textured lens design of the Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S reflects and refracts light to provide extremely even, natural illumination.

No flicker at any colour temperature or brightness level, reducing strain and protecting your eyes

The Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S eliminates flicker and reduces eye strain through the use of a dimming mechanism, matching Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming even at low brightness levels.


4 lighting modes

Four lighting modes are available to meet lighting requirements for different settings. Each mode provides eye protection while also fulfilling basic lighting needs. In Focus Mode, the desk lamp simulates a "breathing" rhythm to remind the user to rest, improving productivity and avoiding eye strain.

- Reading Mode
- Computer Mode
- Child Mode
- Focus Mode


Supports voice control using Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri [2] Built-in dial knob to adjust brightness and color temperature

The Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S connects to the Apple HomeKit system and supports Siri voice control. The light colour temperature and brightness can also be adjusted using the built-in dial knob.

- Press, Switches on/off
- Turn, Adjusts brightness
- Press and turn, Adjusts color temperature
- Double press, Quickly switches to Focus mode

Heat-control technology guarantees long service life of the lamp bulbs


Metal hinge


The Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S has passed the following tests and certifications;


- Limit test for hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment

Material and process standards of the product have been standardized to comply with national requirements on health and environmental protection

- Photobiological safety testing

Measurement and evaluation standard for the safe use of intense pulsed light source equipment by the human eye
(particularly invisible light)

- Supports Apple Homekit

With support for the Apple Homekit, the Apple Home app and Siri can be used for simple and secure automated control




Brightness range


Colour range


Luminous flux


Colour rendering index


Lamp input

12 V 0.8 A

Rated input

220-240 V-50/60Hz 0.45 A

Rated input power

9 W (Lamp + LED Driver)

Service lifeapprox

25,000 hours

Compatible with

Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above

Wireless connectivity

Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz

Standards implemented

GB 7000.1, GB 7000.204 and GB/T 17743


1x Xiaomi Mi Home 1S LED Desk Lamp


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Rohan 25 June 2022
"The lamp works fine but it constantly emits a high pitch frequency which you hear all the time when it is on. This is really bad for your ears and over time will cause tinnitus. I cant take this product back cause I've had it for awhile back but I recommend another lmao which doesn't emit this high frequency sound"
Page 15 November 2021
"It's my second order for this desk lamp, it's very easy to use via phone to change the colours and it doesn't occupy much space when you put it on your desk or beside the bed. High recommend to people consider a multi-usage lamp!"
Phil 11 November 2021
"As good as expected, eye is more comfortable."
Kathy 5 October 2021
"Great product! Change the colour via cellphone app. Easy to turn on and off, highly recommend!"
Murray 3 September 2020
"Excellent desk lamp, easy install, fully dimmable with choice of white or warm colors.
Thanks, Xiaomi."