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Mi Pro True Wireless Earphones

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Wireless Technology:
Noise Cancelling:
IP Rating:
Rated Battery Life:
Up to 3 Hours
$129.00  inc GST
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Available In-store & Online
$129.00  inc GST


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Mi True Wireless Earphones: No wires, no limits

- Truly wire-free design
- High-quality audio
- Secure and comfortable fit
- Intuitive touch control
- Auto-on, auto-connect

The freedom of true wireless

Mi True Wireless Earphones use a completely wire-free design that unbinds left from right, creating an all new, completely liberated experience when you listen. As small as these earphones are, they pack a sound you'll have to hear to believe.

Switch modes and share as you please

Break away from the limits of wired earphones. When a phone call comes, simply remove one earphone to automatically switch to single-side talk mode. You can even pass one earphone to a friend to enjoy a song together and bounce along to the beat.

* Make sure both earphones stay within range of the connected device as not to lose signal while using.

Remove to pause

Built-in infrared sensors let the earphones know when you are wearing them. You can remove either earphone to pause automatically, so you won't miss a second of your music or waste battery power.

Advanced tech for the best sound

Expect full, wide-spectrum sound and naturally balanced frequency with the 7mm neodymium magnet + titanium plated coil speaker unit. Turn on the noise cancelling mode for an even purer sound experience.

True-to-life sound with HD quality

Mi True Wireless earphones support AAC codec, which means original sound is more completely restored and vocals won't blend together with instrumentals. Good music deserves high definition sound.

* Whether AAC format is used depends on the specific playback system of the connected device.
Touch twice for smart control
Activate your voice assistant by double-tapping the headphones.
Various voice assistant systems are supported.
With ENC (environment noise cancellation) technology,
your voice assistant will have no trouble hearing you in any environment.

Touch to unlock a whole new experience

A simple touch of the finger is all it takes to start the music, answer a phone call or activate your voice assistant.

- Answer/hang up a call: Tap twice
- Play/pause (1 side): Tap twice
- Noise cancelling mode on/off: Touch and hold for 3 seconds
- Play/pause (2 sides): Tap right side twice
- Activate voice assistant: Tap left side twice
- Pause the music: Remove one earphone

Clear calls, less background noise

Both earphones are equipped with high-sensitivity microphones that effectively inhibit backgrounds noise with beamforming + ENC technology, so the call is as clear for them as it is for you.

Connect quickly and start listening right away

After pairing with your device the first time, the earphones will connect automatically whenever you take them out of the charging case. If disconnected, they will reconnect automatically within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes without interaction they will enter sleep mode, but reconnecting is as easy as placing them in your ears.

* After the first time pairing with your Bluetooth device, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the device when removing the earphones from the charging case.

Charge as you go with long lasting case battery

The earphone's holding case has enough power to give you ten hours of playback. Charge them for just ten minutes for 70 minutes of use, or get back to full charge in just an hour and still have enough power in the case for two additional charges. The case uses touch-to-charge magnet technology using Hall magnetic charging and includes a USB Type C port. Take it with you to stay charged and keep listening all day.

Light and comfortable to wear

Each individual earphone weighs just 5.8g and is carefully designed to adjust to your ear. The silicone ear tips help to reduce outside noise
while improving comfort and stability for the best wearing experience. What's more, the earphones are IPX4 waterproof level,
so you can use them while working out without worry.

Easy to carry case

One case for both carrying and charging your earphones. Altogether, the case and earphones are just 58g. Carry it with you anywhere and listen anytime.

Compatible with iOS and Android systems

Turn on Bluetooth on your Android or iOS device to connect. Supports phones, tablets and computers.




Net Weight




Charging Port

USB Type-C


5V = 1.1A

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth 4.2

Wireless Range


Charging Time


Bluetooth Profiles

Q/WMSX 002-2016



Bluetooth Profiles


Earphones' Battery Life ( standalone )

3 h ( at 80 % volume )

Total Battery Life ( with charging case )

10 h ( at 80 % volume )

Package Content

Charging case
Silicone ear tips x 3 pairs (XS, S, L)
USB Type-C charging cable
User guide


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Wikus V. 28 July 2020
"I have had the earphones for about a month now and I must say that I am not disappointed. The sound quality is really good and the battery life is pretty good. The noise cancelling is not as good as some other headset products (Bose for example) but is what you would expect. There is a bit of a problem when you want to use only one side on a really windy day, that the person on the other end won't be able to hear..." Read More
JW 17 February 2020
"I have been using these since buying them onsale. I have 1 toddler and 1 preschooler. In short great for settling the toddler and I want to watch something at 2am. I started using it for business calls as well. Works ok most of the time. Voice quality is clear but it picks up everything. So no good for noisey environments. I have a plantronics headset for those purposes. The Sound quality of playback is fine for the..." Read More