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Mi Smart X10 Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum

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Available In-store & Online
$998.99  inc GST


Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10

Efficient dust collection, affordable flagship


Quick dust collection

Easy dust collection with dual auto-emptying vents and ducts2.5L high-capacity disposable bag, stores up to 60 full cleans*


Rapid computing

More intelligent vacuum, rich in functions

Advanced LDS laser navigation


Powerful cleaning

More efficient "2-in-1 vacuum and mop"

4000Pa fan blower, powerful suction*


Long battery life

5200mAh battery, up to 180 minutes of continuous cleaning*


Smart interactivity

A more personal cleaning housekeeper

Supports voice control and custom cleaning plans


Automatic waste compartment - 1 Dust bag that does 60+ dust collections

The dual-channel dust collection design of the base with its powerful 17000Pa suction empties the dustbin instantly. The built-in dust bag can collect and empty dust 60+ times, and it seals automatically when you pick it up, so you don't get covered yourself or your surroundings in dust.

Blow-suction dual channels
More efficient dust collection that keeps the dust tubes clean

17000Pa powerful suction fan blower
Instantly cleans out the dustbin leaving it like new

Drawstring dust bag
Automatically seals to keep all the dust inside


Enjoy cleanliness and comfort - No need to touch any dust

- Say goodbye to frequent emptying
- Keep dust allergens in check
- Pet hair is automatically bagged


Precision mapping even in the dark - Slows down to avoid crashing into obstacles*

The new-generation LDS laser navigation technology accurately scans your home environment and between breaks maps the actual layout of your home. Not afraid of the dark, it can still navigate accurately in the dark and slows down when it comes across obstacles.

LDS laser navigation system
- Quick mapping and plans on the go
- Accurate positioning and precision mapping
- Precise and efficient docking and charging
- Not afraid of the dark and not easily affected by light


4000Pa powerful suction fan blower - Vacuums dust and pet hair in one pass

Equipped with 4000Pa suction power, the strong, continuous super suction excellently cleans floors of dust and pet hair.


Why vacuum?

High-speed brushless motor for powerful suction


Floating roller brush that cleans the floor


2-in-1 vacuum-mop design that completely removes dust particles

Equipped with a 200ml* electronically controlled water tank that allows for 80 minutes* of mopping, the water tank evenly distributes water without leakage and supports three levels of water flow control to thoroughly clean floors throughout the home.


Easily clean your large home thanks to the extra-long 180-minute* battery life

The large built-in 5200mAh battery can clean for over 180 minutes* in standard mode, so even large homes aren't a problem.

*5200mAh nominal battery capacity


Create personalised cleaning plans

Once the map has been built, a sensible cleaning plan can be created according to the floor plan, with cleaning time, setting, area and frequency all able to be set.


Plan a smart cleaning strategy

During the cleaning process, it automatically predicts drops, making cleaning tasks more efficient, safe and worry-free.


Drop sensor mechanism


Reduces speed when obstacles are detected


Smart edge cleaning


All-round protection of user security and privacy

TUV Rheinland Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Standard Certification


Map Management
Encryption on map transmission and cloud storage


MJA1 Security Chip
Hardware-based protection for devices and secure transmission of user data


Xiaomi / Mi Home app*
Leading international security protection with accredited security certifications, based on the standards ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and ETSI EN 303 645.
* App name varies according to the country/region, Mi Home app is also named Xiaomi Home app in some countries or regions. Xiaomi deserves the right to the final interpretation.


Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

"OK, Google, start cleaning"
"Alexa, start cleaning"

*Compatible Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices are required. Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries. Google, Google Nest Mini, and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC. Alexa is not available in certain languages and countries. Amazon, Alexa, and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Please refer to official websites for more information.


2-in-1 dust collection and charging

Saves time, so you can make the most of it


Straight transparent air duct design

Easy to inspect, clean and unblock


Capable of crossing obstacles up to 20mm*

Easily crosses door thresholds and carpets


Supports OTA wireless updates

More features are waiting to be discovered


*The vacuum-mop will update its firmware to fix bugs or improve functions for better security and user experience.
 You can check whether the firmware is latest version on the settings page in Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and select the firmware update method in settings. For the Firmware Upgrade and Support Policy, please visit Xiaomi Security Center ( for more details.
* Tested by cleaning a 100m2 house with carpet. Data comes from Xiaomi Internal labs. Actual results may vary.
* The fan blower of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 generates up to 4000Pa of air pressure. Data comes from Xiaomi Internal labs.The obstacles that can be identified depend on the environmental conditions and scenario of use, so identification may vary.
* 180 minute cleaning time: When set to Vacuuming and Mopping under Standard mode, and fully charged. Data comes from Xiaomi Internal labs. Actual results may vary.
*One dust bag does 60+ dust collections: The robot vacuum-mop cleans a 100m2 carpeted house twice a day and returns to the base for dust collection each time. The amount of waste in the dust bag was measured every four days, and after 60 cleanings, there was 2390ml of waste in the dust bag (less than the volume of the dust bag).
*Slows down to avoid crashing into obstacles: Lidar can identify obstacles with a floor-standing height over 84.7mm, and the vacuum-mops slows down to avoid crashing. The obstacles that can be identified depend on the environmental conditions and scenario of use, so identification may vary.
*4000Pa powerful suction fan blower: Data from Dreame Technology Laboratory. With the main unit fully charged, suction power was verified to reach 4000Pa with a vacuum tester.
*Extra-long 180-minute battery life: When fully charged and in standard mode, the vacuum-mop performs cleaning in a rectangular open space of 4x5m. Testing was performed three times in the same environment and under the same conditions, and all results demonstrated more than 180 minutes of cleaning time. Testing was performed three times in the same environment and under the same conditions and all results demonstrated more than 80 minutes of mopping time.
*17000Pa : The input voltage was set to 220V and a fan performance test bench was used to measure the maximum suction at the inlet of three dust collection dock prototypes. The values measured were all greater than 17000Pa.
*Equipped with a 200ml electronically controlled water tank: The water tank was filled with water and the water was then poured into a measuring cup and its level on the scale of the measuring cup was recorded. Three tests were performed on three prototypes respectively and the average value of the tested results was within the range of 200±5ml.


Package contents

Robot vacuum x1
Dust collection dock x1 (With dust bag installed)
Main brush x1 (Installed)
Brush cover x1 (Installed)
Dust bag x1 (Replacement)
Dustbin x1 (Installed)
Mop pad x1
Water tank x1
Side brush x1
Cleaning tool x1
Power cable x1
User manual x1

Auto-empty Station



Item Dimensions

397 × 285 × 384 mm

Rated Input

220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Rated Output

20.0 V   1 A

Rated Power

1000 W

Robot Vacuum


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



Item Dimensions

353 × 350 × 98.8 mm


4800 mAh (Rated Capacity)
5200 mAh (Nominal Capacity)

Charging Time

Approx. 6 hours

Net Weight (Robot Vacuum)

3.3 kg

Net Weight (with Accessories)

7.4 kg

Rated Voltage

14.4 V

Rated Power

46 W

Sensor list

LDS laser sensor

Distancing and mapping (360°, white material 0.1-6m, black material 0.1-4m)

IMU sensor

Motion status detection (Acceleration ranges ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g; Gyroscope ranges from ±125°/s to ±200°/s)

Drop sensor

Detects steps and drops (Black/grey carpet >15mm; light grey tile >45mm; pure white >80mm)

Wheel suspension detection

Detects if the vacuum-mop is suspended (0&1)

Infrared sensor

Communication between the vacuum-mop and base (<10cm)

Infrared sensor

Vacuum-mop and charging dock positioning (<5m)

Air pressure sensor

Tests for dust collection capacity and blocked ducts (300-1250hPa)

Hall sensor

Tests whether dustbin, water tank and cloth are installed (Operating Point ±37Gs; Releasing Point ±25Gs)


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