Why buy locally from Mi Store?

If you love Xiaomi, we're here to give you the low-down on why you should purchase directly from the Mi Store. As New Zealand's only authorised Mi Store, we sell different products that come with local chargers (where appropriate), safety certifications, and warranty. They cost a little more than parallel imports but provide a much better experience for our customers.

Local warranty

We proudly offer a full 24 month RTB NZ warranty on all Xiaomi smartphones, and 12 months warranty on all other Xiaomi products. Most countries only offer 12 months on Xiaomi smartphones, and some have just recently increased to 18. We have 24. If you import a phone, you won’t get a local warranty. NZ has very strong consumer laws in addition to warranty coverage too, and all electronics must be certified for safety and compliance. We want all of our customers to have peace of mind when using Xiaomi products, and a good warranty makes a big difference.

Full NZ mobile network coverage

If you’re switching from any other smartphone brand sold in NZ to an imported phone without Band 28 700MHz 4G, you’ll get reduced coverage – 4G in far fewer places, dropping down to 3G, and much slower speeds. This is a pretty awful experience all around and it’s really important that folks who are new to the Mi brand get a great experience!

Cheaper somewhere else?

We’re a small country with 15% sales tax – a lot of people don’t take GST into account when converting currencies! We understand there are customers who have imported Xiaomi products to NZ for a long time and haven’t felt these extras to be necessary but for anyone who’s new to the brand, it’s really important that they get the same experience and benefits that they would with any competing product – like full NZ network coverage and good warranty support.