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Mi Home 1, 2, 2S, 2H ,3H, Air Purifier Filter

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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter - Blue

-Activated carbon filter can effectively filter peculiar smell, formaldehyde, PM2.5, etc.
-High efficiency 3 layers filter: Primary filter net, EPA filter net, high quality activated carbon filter
-The filter can remove 99.97 percent of PM2.5 particles, bacteria, heavy metal, organic matter, etc.
-Recommend replacing cycle: 3 - 6 months
-Easy and fast to install
-Provides comfortable living / learning / office environment for you and your family
-Suitable for Xiaomi Mi air purifier Gen 1, 2, 2S, 3H and Pro

The difference between Xiaomi High Efficiency Filter and conventional HEPA Filter

Combine two filter technologies: Electrostatic charge and mechanical filtration, Xiaomi high efficiency filter media can remove 99.97% of airborne particles down to a minimum size of 0.1 micrometers and traps dust, PM 2.5, pollen, pet dander, and smoke even the smallest microplastics. For fine particles up to 0.3 microns, Xiaomi high efficiency filter media filtration rate is 99.97%, and for particles as small as 0.1 microns, the filtration rate can reach to 99.99%.

Conventional HEPA filter

Xiaomi High Efficiency Filter

Less clean air

More clean air

HEPA filter is made of dense fiberglass to trap particles, which means that less clean air get through the filter.

Xiaomi filter integrated melt-blown PP fibers with electrostatics technology equipped with bigger fibers space, which enables a large volume clean air to get through the filter.


Low noise

Large volume air is forced to get through a dense HEPA filter, requires higher fan speed, which will generate higher noise.

Less dense fibers filter is easy to have the air passed even in a high speed, which results in much lower noise.

Higher energy consumption

Lower energy consumption

In order to get more clean air, HEPA filter requires the motor to run at a higher speed, which causes higher energy consumption.

Thanks to a less dense fibers filter, Xiaomi filter consumes less energy to achieve the same volume clean air.

To improve the quality of filtration and reduce air flow resistance, Xiaomi engineers performed the optimization of the filter element. They have developed a three-layer air purification system by combining a pre-cleaning filter, EPA filter and activated carbon in one element. This three-stage system effectively holds dust, as well as particles of harmful substances up to Micron.

The mesh of pre-filtration is resistant to creasing, the effects of oils, fats, acids of the olefin series, solvents and other substances, is characterized by increased wear resistance by The barrel shape allows you to increase the exposure angle to 360 °. It effectively fixes dust, wool, small crumbs and sawdust, without leaving blind areas.

Filter ?epa - Air purification from inhalable particulate matter

The second layer of the filter element consists of a filter mesh capable of holding particles of the smallest sizes up to Micron. Due to this ability, it is widely used in laboratories and medical equipment. It is made of EPA filter material from the leading Toray manufacturer, which effectively absorbs PM2.5 PM0.3 particles, flower pollen and other inhaled particles. Corrugated structure reduces air flow resistance, improving and accelerating air flow through the filter.

High quality Activated carbon - Effective fight against formaldehyde and unpleasant smells

The third level of filtration implies the use of high-quality granular activated carbon. It features an increased surface area, a more developed porous structure, reinforced adsorbating characteristics and durability. In comparison with conventional activated carbon, it has a more pronounced absorbing effect and provides improved filtration. It effectively neutralizes formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful gaseous substances.


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